Do we both have to agree to mediate before I call you?

No, you don’t. The Mediator can reach out to the other person and explain the process and check if the other person is prepared to commit to it.

The Mediator will do a pre-mediation contact with each of you at which time the nature of mediation will be discussed, each person’s willingness to participate will be canvassed, and the type of conflict will be reviewed. It is important for Second Story Mediation to do an initial screening to make sure mediation is an appropriate process. The preparation meeting also gives you an opportunity to rehearse how you might approach the other person and to consider their likely response. 

What is Conflict Resolution Coaching?

In cases where only one person is prepared to participate we offer individual sessions to help you understand differing perspectives, create strategies to address barriers and take steps toward achieving resolution of your conflict.

What happens during a mediation?

There are usual steps in a standard mediation. Having said that, it is a flexible process which can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

  • Introductions
  • Agreeing to ground rules (respectful language, confidentiality are examples)
  • Reminder that mediation is a voluntary process
  • Time to discuss your perspective with Mediator assisting with clarification and summary
  • Time for the other person to discuss their perspective with Mediator assistance
  • The Mediator helps draft agenda of matters to discuss
  • Potential for shift into private meetings with mediator at mediator or participant request
  • Discuss and hopefully develop mutual understanding and generate options to move forward
  • Mediator drafts agreements
Where will the mediation take place?

In Dauphin, Second Story Mediation rents space for mediations on an as-needed basis at The Hub, a co-working space located at 512 Main Street. The Hub is a comfortable, new building with a boardroom and separate office space for easy transition into private meetings if and when required. Mediation space in other communities would be arranged as required.

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